Terms Of Use

The License

This is free software released under the LGPL license. Please do take a few minutes to read through the license. The LGPL license is provided as a supplement to the GPL license

Other than the general LGPL license:

  1. Your are free to use this software, download it or install on your infrastructure.
  2. You must give credits to the software and its author if you choose to download it.
  3. You can not sell this software or an adapted version.
  4. The code is open source but you may not copy it. It is open source so you can see how various problems are solved.
  5. You can look at specfic snippets in the code and take them to build your solution. However, you can not lift features.

Be Nice

This is hosted on the cloud and is shared by many users. Please ensure that you::

  1. Regularly delete old surveys and data.
  2. Try not to send a large number of emails at a time.
  3. Help define the features and roadmap for this software.
  4. If you like this software, please do publicize it (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, word of mouth etc).


Although the tool only gives you a way to manage surveys and we take no responsibility of the content you put, we do advise the following::

  1. Please ensure that the intended participants are happy to take your survey before sending it out. Spamming is a bad idea.
  2. Please get the language of the survey reviewed by your peers for correctness and effectiveness.
  3. Please ensure that your surveys are not seen as offensive/ racial or anything that can be perceived as illegal, or supportive of illegal activities.