Frequently Asked Questions


Factile is an online survey creation tool. You can create questionnaires, share them with your targetted audience, have them fill up the forms and you can study the results. An online survey capability helps collate valuable perceptions and leads to valuable insights.
There are many very fine products out there that provide online survey capability. However, while basic features come for free, free options of a full fledged system are fairly limited. Plus, you may need to deploy the survey tool on your premises, inside your own firewall. Factile is free and you can download and install it as you like. It is open source, so you or your technical teams can make changes to the code and make it work just as you would want! Not that you should need to, Factile is a fairly versatile system in itself.
There is no caveat! Factile is absolutely free to its users. I pay for the domain space and hosting costs, and I use my free time to build it. Ofcourse, if you wanted to donate any money/ resource to aid the project, it would be more than welcome! By the way, if you do like Factile, please do not forget to Tweet or/ and like on Facebook on the homepage.


For a feature list, please refer to the 'Learn more' page.

  1. Login to Factile and click on 'New Survey' on the top header.
  2. Fill up the survey information and define the color scheme.
  3. Click on 'Save Details' on the top right corner.
  4. On the questionnaire page, either choose a template, or add questions on your own.
  5. Preview the survey.
  6. Once you are happy with it, 'Activate' it so others can use it.
'Collaborate' allows you to add other users as owners of the survey. This is particularly useful when you are working in a team and multiple people may need to make changes to the questionnaire.
At the moment, you can only add one language at a time. However, I am looking at building this capability pretty soon. For the time being, you can copy the questionnaire for each language.
You can either create an 'Open' survey so anybody with the link to it can fill it, or you can have a 'Email' survey. In the latter case, only people you invite through Factile will be able to fill up the survey. Also, in latter, one person can only fill the survey once.